Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mini Bargello

I've been wanting to try a bargello quilt for a while, and decided to try it in mini version first.

Here is my first attempt - no instructions or pattern, just cut strips, sewed, and cut and sewed.  You know how that goes.

Thoughts?  Thinking of adding a black border to it.  And from there - quilting?  Waves, swirls, straight line? Still floating around in my head what to do.  Opinions and advice appreciated.


The Quilt Geek


  1. I took an online class in bargello and yours looks just as good as any I saw displayed by the students. Good job!! I think a black border would make all of the colors pop! As far as quilting - I'm not much help there as I'm pretty much just a straight line or stitch in the ditch quilter.

  2. Next time try changing the width of the blocks. That's what makes the curves tighter. Looks good. I like the idea of a black or navy border.


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